What Others Think Of Me

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Steve Olenski in the past. His conceptual development skills are exceptional as is his ability to write TV, radio and social media copy that is spot on every time. His "can do" personality and friendly demeanor added greatly to the morale of our department. He is a true team player in every sense of the word.”
- Bruce Grant, Creative Group Head, The Media & Marketing Group

“Steve Olenski has become one of the leading thinkers in social and digital media. With the ever-changing landscape, this is certainly not an easy task and one that requires diligence. It has been an honor to share insights with him on a regular basis and my hope is that it continues.” 
- Julia Carcamo, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Isle of Capri Casinos Inc. 

“Steve Olenski has boundless enthusiasm and a passion for his work. He is a very determined person with tremendous desire."
- Ray Didinger, ComcastSportsNet

“Steve Olenski is like Michael Keaton’s character in the movie “Night Shift”…an idea guy…edible paper… feed tuna fish mayonnaise. You want creativity? Steve is your man.”
- John Brazer, Director of Fun & Games, Philadelphia Phillies

"I’ve known Steve Olenski for over 15 years. As Creative Director at one of the nation’s largest independent advertising agencies, I understand the power that copy and visuals can convey. I also know when it comes to creativity that some people “get it” and many simply don’t, even though their job titles may say otherwise. Steve is one of those individuals who “gets it,” because he understands very well how to use words and visionary thinking to engage people and reach them deeply."
- Rich Romig, Executive Creative Director, Harte Hanks

"Steve Olenski has the unique knack of balancing substance, humor and creative with real world experience and panache. A great asset to any staff, he is dedicated, loyal and motivated in providing the client with the best possible product. Talented in multiple facets of creative, production and client services Steve's knowledge and experience sets him above the rest."
- Brian Isely, Executive Vice President, Center City Film and Video 

"Steve is one of the most talented marketers who also happens to share his knowledge through amazing articles and blogs and with best-in-class social media engagement, We consider ourselves lucky to have Steve as a contributor and really enjoy watching him add such tremendous value to our readers and to the marketing conversation.”
- Michael Brenner, President and Co-Founder, Business 2 Community

“Steve is a contributing and featured writer for me at Social Media Today. He consistently submits insightful and well written articles explaining the complexities of the social media business and practice. He's a very good analyst in our field and he's a joy to work with. Steve is exceptionally good at research and article composition.”
- Cliff Figallo, Managing Editor, Social Media Today

“Steve is an inspiring person to work with, and somehow manages to pour his heart and soul into everything he touches. With a seemingly endless supply of enthusiasm and ingenuity, he is just as eager to share his own ideas as he is ready to listen to those of others. Steve knows how to  balance strategy and creativity, all while navigating client and colleagues towards the goal line. Great writer, great thinker, great doer. Steve is a pillar of support in what can often be a harrowing marketing world. We could all use a Steve Olenski.”
- Adam Leiter, VP, Socal Media, The Star Group

“Steve is the consummate wordsmith-passionate about the process of writing and in awe of the power of the written word. A skilled passionate craftsman constantly honing and defining his talent; a family-oriented man with impeccable integrity... and a downright decent human being is what immediately comes to mind when I think about Steve Olenski. He's got your back...off the field and on!”
– David Moitozo, VP, The Media & Marketing Group 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Steve at Stream Companies. Steve has a tremendous ability to take the creative and funny concepts born from a conversation, put it on paper and then make sure it has the same clever impact on whatever medium is used. Steve can also take the serious side of advertising and create moving pieces that bring out the audiences' emotions. I truly enjoyed working with Steve and would recommend his services any time.”
– Michael Cresta, VP, Stream Companies

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