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Why Price Will Always Trump Brand And Why It Shouldn't Matter To Marketers

Let me preface this article by saying categorically I believe very much in the power of branding. I myself (isn't that redundant?) have worked on many branding campaigns for marketers and advertisers of all sizes and shapes. I know first hand the value of branding done right and done on a consistent basis i.e. staying true to a given brand's tone and voice over time.

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How One Brand Won And Lost During The Same Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is now two days removed but most assuredly it is still a topic of discussion among sports fans and marketers alike as we discuss the highs and the lows from the play on the field and off it on their mobile device, via social media and of course around the good old water cooler. For the record I did predict the Ravens would beat the Niners in Super Bowl XLVII.

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How One Brand Continually Proves It Has Street Smarts

Not relying on any "new fangled" marketing platform like mobile, email, digital, social media or even tried and true direct mail - one brand, for the second straight year has gone old school and taken it to the streets, literally.

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