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Content Marketing And E-Commerce Tops Digital Marketers Priority List For 2013
It would appear the content marketing bandwagon is still taking on fans as when asked to identify their biggest digital related priorities are for 2013, marketers selected content marketing – as well as conversion rate optimization (turning more web visitors into more web customers) – as their most pressing of needs.

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Is Location Based Advertising The Future Of Mobile Marketing And Mobile Advertising?
Along with content marketing I don’t think there’s a more ubiquitous phrase right now in the world of marketing and advertising than anything that starts with the word “mobile.” Everyone has their opinion, their idea, their beliefs and so on when it comes to mobile marketing and mobile advertising.

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This Just In: A Lot Of People Don't Trust Advertising

Shocking. Surprising. Astonishing.

If you used any or all of these words to describe your reaction to the title of this article and you are in marketing or advertising – you may want to seriously consider a career change.

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