Advertising Copywriting Samples - TV/Video/Radio

(more samples available upon request)

Background: TH Properties (THP), a local home builder, was in need of an idea that would become a commercial which would air during the Super Bowl. I came up with the concept of the THP Extreme Home Challenge which would show just how far someone would go for a THP home. I wrote the copy for this commercial.

Background: Gaming/Casino client was looking for new campaign. I helped to create the "Cha-Ching" campaign which conveys just how much money one could potentially win at one of their casino locations. I wrote the copy for the commercial which featured the man of a 1,000 voices Michael Winslow, star of the Police Academy movies...

I also wrote the two radio spots that appear directly below.

Radio #1

Radio #2

Background: Local car dealer wanted something "different" in a branding commercial. I created the concept of the "Spokes Cows" and wrote the copy for this commercial.

Background: Gaming/Casino client wanted concepts to incorporate their mascot, a parrot. I wrote the copy for these three spots.

Spot #1:

Spot #2:

Spot #3:

Background: Client wanted a TV commercial aimed at a more younger demo and which would air during basketball games - both professional and college. I created, co-produced and wrote this commercial.

Background:  Local car dealer wanted to incorporate their mascot, Bigfoot, into a series of TV commercials featuring each of their three brands.

I created this "True/False" series, wrote the copy and co-produced the spots.

Spot #1:

Spot #2:

Spot #3:

Background: Local car dealer sales radio spot. I wrote and co-produced it.

Background: A few years ago Amazon ran a contest re: creating your own TV spot. At the last minute I came up with this idea and with the help of a Mac and a few others we made this spot which went all the way to the semifinals!

Video Case Studies
Most case studies are one-dimensional documents. My idea was to create digital case studies and tell the story via video rather than just text.

These are three examples of video case studies I wrote and co-produced. 

Case Study #1
Background:  Pilot Freight Services set a record for revenue in one year after our agency helped them re-brand and re-position themselves in the logistics industry.

Case Study Video #2
Background: The National Museum of American Jewish History was coming to Philadelphia andour agency was entrusted in telling the world all about it. The opening gala featured performances by Jerry Seinfeld and Bette Midler. I wrote and co-produced this video. 

Case Study Video #3
Background: North America's first school of pharmacy need to re-brand itself and our agency was placed in charge of telling the world all about this educational icon. I wrote and co-produced this video. 

Background: We secured the rights to The Doobie Brothers' classic song "Black Water" and used it in this grand opening radio spot which I wrote.

Background: Radio spot promoting an appearance by David Cassidy of The Partridge Family fame. I wrote the copy for this spot.

Background: Client wanted a branded radio spot incorporating their jingle. I wrote the copy for this spot.

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